A Captivating Approach to Capturing

Your Customers' Attention

In recent times, stop motions have surged in popularity due to their ability to infuse an element of playfulness and the unexpected. This distinct quality renders them a powerful tool for captivating and engaging your audience.


Comprising an animated sequence of still images, typically spanning 5 to 30 seconds, stop motions cultivate creativity while delivering a striking visual impact. They ignite curiosity and provide entertainment, ultimately forging an emotional connection between your brand and its clientele.

I specialize in crafting customized stop motions tailored to your brand's identity, available as standalone offerings or as an enriching addition to the photography package. Don't miss out – remember to express your interest in stop motions when completing the intake form.

the process of working together

1. Enquiry

To provide an accurate quote, share details about your brand and content needs by filling out our form. We'll respond within 48 business hours with a personalized proposal.

2. booking

Once you receive our proposal, a contract and 50% invoice will secure your spot. This is the starting point for planning your photoshoot.

3. Pre Production

I'll gather information, plan the shoot, and share the detailed plan for your approval. Together, we'll minimize reshoots and align creatively.

4. production

Sit back as I handle photography, set design, styling, and lighting with my team; ensuring a smooth process, tailored to your project's scale.

5. post production

Our magic touch enhances the visuals even further through digital retouching, resulting in impressive and original shots or animations.

6. Delivery

You'll receive a watermarked gallery for approval. Select your favorites, and upon final payment, download your tailored visual pieces—ready to shine!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Need More Information? Check Out These Common Queries.

+ How do I get started?

To begin, kindly complete this intake form with comprehensive details about your brand, products, content goals, and examples of inspiration. Within 48 business hours, I'll provide a fully personalized proposal tailored to your needs.


+What is your turnaround time?

Typically, the timeframe ranges from 10 to 21 days post-shooting, contingent on project scope. If you have specific date requirements, please specify in the intake form or as soon as possible, allowing me to accommodate accordingly.


+ What are your package prices?

Given the unique needs of each brand and project, every inquiry receives a custom quote. Please complete this form, and within 48 working hours, I'll furnish a personalized proposal.


+ What types of products do you photograph?

In general, I capture food, beverages, and various small-scale products like cosmetics, beauty items, supplements, apparel, jewelry, hair care, home decor, etc. If uncertain, don't hesitate to ask!


+ Do you provide creative direction or require a brief?

With a BA in Advertising, I'm adept at generating briefs and offering creative direction. During the intake form, you can specify if you have a brief or prefer me to create one tailored to your brand. We collaborate using Milanote to detail every aspect, ensuring your satisfaction before production begins.


+ What are your payment terms?

A 50% deposit and a signed contract secure your shoot, with final payment due before content release.


+ Do you collaborate with international brands?

Absolutely! I work remotely at all times. Simply dispatch your products to my studio in Pergine Valsugana, northern Italy, and I'll manage the rest.


+ What becomes of my products after the shoot?

If you wish for your products to be returned, please include a return post bag. Alternatively, your products will be stored for up to 4 months in my studio.


+ Is a refund possible?

Given the nature of the work, returns aren't available. During Pre Production, each shoot detail is subject to your approval or modifications, minimizing room for errors. In cases with valid reasons, reshoots can be requested.


+ Can I obtain the RAW files?

No, RAW files remain unfinished assets lacking the final touch of my magic. The retouching phase is essential to fulfill my vision and deliver the polished, striking look your products deserve.

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